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We are always in need of volunteers to help out at drives and to promote bone marrow donor registration. Volunteers would help pass out flyers, talk to people at the event to inform them about registering, and join in on the Kobata family fun! If you are interested in helping at a local drive, contact Team Krissy.


We are also looking for some sponsorship and promotion opportunities. Anyone who can help us spread the word about Krissy needing to find a match would be extremely helpful to our campaign. If you know of people we can contact for sponsorships and promotion or you may know of a possible drive location for us, please contact Team Krissy. You can also contact any of the marrow donor centers that we have listed under our links section to find out how you can help their organizations.


We can't emphasize any more how easy it is for you to play a part in helping Krissy. A simple e-mail to your own friends and family and spreading the word through your own networks could do wonders for our cause.  Thank you for caring!

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We are always looking for help at Team Krissy drives and events. Volunteers could help sign up and register possible donors and also help pass out flyers and inform people about the process of registering. If you are interested in becoming a Team Krissy volunteer email Sharon or Randy and let them know that you want to help out and they will add your name to the list. Thanks!! We really appreciate your help!


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Here is where you can find out  when our newest registration events will be. Check the Calendar for upcoming events in your area.

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A lot of people talk about making a difference—Taking this small step means you are.